Is the website secure?

Our website uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to ensure that your transactions will be protected. All credit card information, such as the credit card number, expiry date and card holder name is encrypted.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and Master Card. Kernels Gift Cards cannot be used to purchase other Kernels Gift Cards online.

When will I be charged for my order?

You will be charged for your order once your billing information has been submitted. You will be presented with a printable confirmation which will display your order, customer information and a unique order code referencing the specific order. The printable confirmation will be sent to you once you have completed the ordering process.

What currency is charged?

All amounts on our website are shown in Canadian Dollars. For our U.S. customers (sending a gift card to a Canadian recipient), your order will be converted to U.S. dollars on your credit card statement.

Do I receive a confirmation of my order?

Yes, you will receive a printable confirmation summarizing your order in addition to providing you with a unique order code referencing the specific order.

If you do not receive a confirmation order, or if the confirmation of your order contains an empty basket, please contact our Customer Service Representative at customerservice@kernelspopcorn.com.

What kind of Gift Card Programs do you have?

  1. Kernels Gift Loyalty Program – Cards available at all Kernels Canadian retail stores and online.
  2. Kernels Gift Card Program – Cards available through select partners.

What type of Gift Cards do you sell?

On our website we sell the following cards:

  • Kernels Virtual Gift Loyalty Cards
  • Kernels Gift Loyalty Cards(Plastic)

Kernels Virtual Gift Loyalty Cards:

  • How quickly will my gift card be delivered? Virtual Gift Loyalty Cards are delivered on the date you have selected within minutes.
  • How is the gift card delivered? Delivery options are mobile, email or both. Your recipient will receive an email containing a link to their Virtual Gift Loyalty Card. They should click on the link to view their card. Their card can then be printed from their computer, or displayed on their mobile phone.
  • Can I request notification of delivery? You will automatically receive a notification email. In addition, you can select the notification of delivery option, which will advise you by text message as to when your recipient has opened and viewed the card.
  • What if the Virtual Card cannot be used by the recipient? No worries, the Virtual Card can be re-gifted.
  • Can I buy multiple cards? Absolutely! You can add more than one Virtual Card to your cart, or you can purchase multiple cards, send them to yourself and then share them by sending to others.
  • What denominations are available in a Virtual Card? Preset amounts are available: $10, $15, $20, $25, $30, $40, $50.
  • Can I reload the Virtual Gift Card? Yes, our new Virtual Gift Loyalty Cards are reloadable online or at any Kernels store in Canada.
  • Uploading a custom image? This option is available for Virtual Gift Cards . We recommend that when uploading a custom image, your image name be made up of letters only. Do not use characters or symbols.
  • Does the Virtual Gift Card expire? No. There is no expiry date.

Kernels Gift Loyalty Cards (Plastic):

  • What denominations are available online in the new Kernels Gift Loyalty Card? Preset amounts are available : $15, $25, and $50.
  • Can the card be reloaded? Yes, our Kernels Gift Loyalty cards are reloadable on-line and at any Kernels location across Canada.
  • Does the Kernels Gift Loyalty Gift Card expire? No. There is no expiry date.

Additional notes:

  • Our Gift Loyalty Cards(Virtual and Plastic) can be used at any Kernels location across Canada.
  • Kernels Gift Cards can not be used to purchase other Kernels Gift Cards online.
  • Kernels Virtual Gift Cards and Kernels Gift Loyalty Cards can be registered on-line at www.kernelspopcorn.com to protect against loss.
  • Transaction history and loyalty status for registered gift cards can be viewed on-line at www.kernelspopcorn.com.
  • Cards that are a part of the Kernels Gift Loyalty Program commence with the following #’s:
    • 627584 “6”
    • 627584 “7”

How does the Kernels Gift Loyalty Card Program work?

The Kernels Gift Loyalty Card Program is available when making purchases with any of the following cards:

  • Kernels Virtual Gift Loyalty Cards
  • Kernels Gift Loyalty Cards

For every 10 purchases of $5 or more paid for with your gift loyalty card, you will earn a bonus of $5 automatically loaded on your card.

  • How do I protect my card? Register your card on-line at www.kernelspopcorn.com
  • How can I review the activity of my card? If your card is registered, you can check on-line at www.kernelspopcorn.com
  • How do I report a lost or stolen card? If your card is registered, you can call 1 888 CORNCOB, ext #225

What if I have a Kernels Popcorn Plastic Gift Card that is not part of the new Gift Loyalty Program?

Your cards will continue to work as they have previously however they do not have the loyalty benefit. If you have previously registered this card, please go online and re-register on our updated registration site.

How do I place an order for Kernels Popcorn?

We invite you to contact our Customer Service Representative directly at customerservice@kernelspopcorn.com , or you can call toll free at 1 (888) 267-6262 ext #214.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes , we do ship internationally. We invite you to contact our Customer Service Representative directly at customerservice@kernelspopcorn.com for further assistance.

Do you have an 800 number for placing orders?

Yes. For Canadian and American orders, our customers can call toll free at 1 (888) 267-6262 ext #214.

Do you personalize gifts?

Kernels Virtual Gift Cards can be customized with your own photo or image and message.

What if I have another question, not addressed above?

If you have a question that is not answered above, we invite you to contact customerservice@kernelspopcorn.com, or 1 (888) 267-6262 ext #214 for further assistance.

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