1. If you would like to protect your Popcorn Perks Card, sign on to our Kernels SHOP ( and add your card to your profile. Report any lost or stolen card to Only registered Cards can be replaced.
  2. Your Popcorn Perks card must be registered by adding it to your Kernels Profile, before you can redeem points.
  3. Popcorn Perks cards cannot be combined.
  4. A Popcorn Perks card must be presented at time of purchase to obtain points.
  5. For every $1 spent pre-tax, you will receive 10 points, so if you spend $10 you will receive 100 points.. Please see #6 below for exclusions.
  6. Points for Popcorn Perks are not earned on Fundraising & Corporate Orders, or on the purchase of gift cards.
  7. Each point is equal to $0.01, so if you have collected 100 points you would have $1 to redeem.
  8. You can redeem your dollars anytime you want, so no minimum accumulation is required. Please note that your Popcorn Perks card must be registered to redeem points.
  9. You can use your Perks Dollars on any Kernels products at our Kernels Mall Retail locations and on our online SHOP (for store side pick-up).
  10. Popcorn Perks points can be accumulated until a customer decides to redeem them. Popcorn Perks points do not expire.
  11. Your Popcorn Perks Card history can be checked on our website at You can also check your balance at any participating Kernels Retail Mall location across Canada.
  12. The value on your Popcorn Perks Card is non-transferable and cannot be redeemed for cash or gift cards.
  13. The Kernels Popcorn Perks Card can be used online at Kernels SHOP (for store side pick-up) and at all Kernels Retail Mall locations across Canada. Kernels Baskin Robbins street front locations (co-branded), or any of the Delivery Sites are not part of the Perks Card Program.
  14. All visuals, trademarks, and materials are the exclusive property of Kernels Popcorn Limited and are protected by copyright and trademark law.
  15. The personal information collected by registering your Popcorn Perks Card is governed by our Privacy Statement.
  16. Kernels Popcorn Limited reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without notice.

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