1) Registering your Kernels Gift Card is voluntary. If you would like to protect the value on your Card, register it at Report immediately a lost or stolen card to Only registered Cards will be replaced.

2) The balance on your Card can be checked at Kernels locations in Canada, or on our website at, once your Card has been registered.

3) The value on your Card is non transferable and can not be redeemed for cash.

4) The Kernels Gift Card can only be used at Kernels locations across Canada. The Card can not be used for purchasing items from our online marketplace located at

5) The Kernels Gift Card can be loaded starting from a value of $10.00.

6) All visuals, trademarks, and materials are the exclusive property of Kernels Popcorn Limited and are protected by copyright and trademark law.  The personal information collected by registering your Card is governed by our Privacy Statement.

7) Kernels Popcorn Limited reserves the right to change any of the above terms and conditions without notice.


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