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Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn

  • Particular people with a profound passion for perfectly popped popcorn. (Say that with a mouthful of Creamy Caramel!)
  • Prepare to “POP YOUR WORLD” with the extraordinary taste and quality of Kernels Popcorn. Since 1983, we vowed to change popcorn forever.  We did, with sensational tastes and flavours nobody had imagined. Nobody but us!
  • Plain.  Seasoned.  Spicy.  Sweet.  Decadent or Low fat. Kernels has proven to popcorn lovers that even low fat can equal BIG taste!
  • Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn is a joy to eat and a joy to receive. And, best of all, you’ll be joining those ever-increasing number of people who Practise Safe Snacks!
  • Get set for a moment of pure popcorn pleasure. A Kernels kind of moment.
Brand Story

Pop Your World

Kernels Extraordinary Popcorn through the years. 

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