What do they Love about US?

Happy New Year everyone!! As we move forward into the New Year it’s beneficial to look back and take stalk of where we have come from. Talking stock should include asking ourselves the question: Do we really know what a Kernels customer thinks of us?? InMoment Inc. is an American cloud based “customer experience optimization platform” that asks those questions and provides businesses with the ability to listen to and engage customer feedback to help improve their business results. The information below was taken straight from a recent blog that was posted (December 2, 2015) on the InMoment Inc. website. It contains some pretty…

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Celebrating The Holidays With Kernels


There’s a reason the month of December is called the most wonderful time of the year. From office parties to family dinners, it’s a reason to celebrate those you love, hang some lights, and feast on delicious fare that you’ve waited all year for. We may be a bit biased, but no matter what tradition your family enjoys, we can’t think of a version that wouldn’t benefit from popcorn. So hold onto your mittens, because we have a few ways to add some pop to your holiday season.

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Kernels Optimism Project

ker opt 5.jpg

The Kernels Optimism Project is our new platform for giving back. It is an initiative that will support our brand’s desire to create meaningful change and lasting impact in the communities and programs that we support.

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Pop Art: Holiday Crafts!


Here at Kernels, we believe that every tree deserves to be dressed in popcorn. This holiday season, grab an extra bag of Kernels, and transform your popcorn into easy holiday decorations.

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