Kernels Online Notice re COVID

We, at Kernels, have been proud of providing an extraordinary experience for both our loyal customers and dedicated employees for over 37 years.  It’s through our consistent attention to our core values of excellent customer service, premium product quality and effective operational processes that keep us focused on creating the extraordinary experience each and every day.

During these unprecedented times, we are continuing our unwavering commitment to our core values and have increased our attention on operational protocols to ensure the safety of our customers in addition to the well being and safety of our employees.

As the impact of COVID warrants increased vigilance in how we conduct ourselves personally and in particular our work environment, we have adapted our operational procedures (including preparation of our popcorn) in order to prioritize health and safety protocols in our store environment.  Any and all changes to how we now operate and serve our customers are made with this in mind.

At our stores, the following changes have occurred:

  • During our initial re-opening period our stores will be operating on reduced hours. Please call our store directly for store hours of operation
  • Upon visiting our stores, our customers will be required to practice safe physical distancing at our counters before, during and after placing an order, customers are required to wear a face mask in order to be served
  • We advise customers to stay home and not visit the shopping centre and our store if they are not feeling well (For the protection of our employees, we will not be able to serve any customers exhibiting any cold, flu or COVID like symptoms)
  • We will be suspending for the time being, until further notice, our practice of offering samples at the store counter and refilling mini pails and party pails
  • We will only be accepting credit cards, debit, Kernels Gift or Perks Cards.  Until further notice, we will not be accepting cash as a form of payment
  • We will be proactively monitoring the health and well being of our employees prior to the start of each shift
  • Our employees are directed to stay home if they exhibit any cold, flu or COVID like symptoms and are to seek prompt attention from a medical practitioner
  • Our employees are required to practice proper hygiene by frequent hand washing, before starting and after finishing their shift and throughout their shift
  • Hand sanitizers will be used by our employees to provide additional disinfection between hand washings
  • Our employees are now required to wear personal protective wear such as medical grade face masks during their entire shift. (Specific training is provided to each employee on the  proper use, wear, safe removal and disposal of all personal protective items used by an employee.)
  • We have enhanced our daily in store cleaning practices by increasing the frequency throughout the day in cleaning and sanitizing work surfaces, equipment, utensils, store fixtures, high touch surfaces,  counter area, etc.
  • Our employees have been trained on our new safety and operational changes

In addition, we continue monitoring daily all levels of government and provincial releases on COVID to ensure we are implementing best practices to prevent the spread of this virus.

Please continue to check for the latest updates and information regarding further changes to Kernels practices with respect to COVID.

Should you have any questions regarding the above, we invite you to contact Bernice Sinopoli (Email – or Phone – 416.487.4194, ext 214)


  • Whose direction is Kernels following with regards to the company adapting guidelines for COVID?
  • What steps has Kernels taken to prevent COVID transmission in your stores and to your customers?
  • As Kernels is currently not encouraging cash as a form of payment, what payment methods will you currently accept?
  • Are there other ways to buy Kernels popcorn other than your stores?
  • Does Kernels deliver?
  • Why is Kernels not sampling or allowing refills ?
  • Why are your stores not open the same hours as the mall?
  • Can I ask the staff to leave my popcorn bag open after buying it?
  • Can I bring my own bag to put the popcorn I bought in the store?
  • Can I still buy a Kernels Gift Card or use my Kernels Perk Card at your stores?
  • I have a Kernels coupon which is still valid (not expired). Can I redeem it at your stores?
  • Do you have an overview available to the public stating your COVID practices in your Kernels stores.
  • What measures are in place for 3rd parties (couriers, supplier deliveries ) entering your store premises?

We are following Public Health Canada and health boards guidelines for the provinces where our stores are located .

For our stores we have provided our staff with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) (masks). Also, we have increased our cleaning and sanitation practices by thoroughly cleaning our counters and high contact surface areas multiple times a day, increased hygiene practices by frequent hand washing and have undertaken a daily health check for all of our employees.

For our customers: we have posted physical distancing signs in front of our stores and adapted a cashless mode of payment.

In order to reduce physical contact, we are encouraging our customers to go cashless in order to reduce physical contact. We have a tap option available in our stores. We will accept Debit and Credit Cards and Kernels Gift and Perk Cards.

Our online shop is open 24/7 for online shopping and customers can enjoy the store side pickup for their safety and convenience. (Please visit

Should you wish to purchase popcorn and have it delivered to you, please see Question 5.

We can deliver popcorn to you by two (2) means:

  1. We have partnered with Uber and other food delivery services in some of our stores. Please check individual stores for more information.
  2. Order at for a limited range of Kernels products that can ordered and shipped to you or as a gift to a location in Ontario.

For the current time and until further notice, in order to prevent any contact transmission, our stores will not be sampling or allowing refills.

As we are currently prioritizing the health and safety of our customers and staff, we are operating on reduced hours to give time for thorough cleaning of our stores.

All popcorn bags must be closed to reduce unnecessary exposure and contact.

Yes you are welcome to bring your own bag we will kindly ask you to pack your own bag, as we are not permitted to touch your bag at any time.



Yes. Please refer to Kernels COVID Statement located on this website.

We have designated times for deliveries.