The Optimism Fever, have you caught it yet!

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Autism Speaks Canada Walk 2017 in Toronto:

Although it was a cold and raining June morning, our PopWalkers Team showed up to support
ASC. We raised $1,416.00! Thanks to Kernels Popcorn Limited for matching our pledges. And
thanks to those of you who supported us and the ASC mission. It was great seeing Lori and
Felicia from Limeridge and our one and only Sue Simonson. Elena and I enjoyed watching Dustin
take on the voluntary role of Head Marshall and he did a great job!

Small Town High School gets the fever:

We received this email and were touched by this initiative, I'll let you read on…

My name is Tamara and I facilitate the Student Representative Council at Pigeon Lake Regional
High School, which is a small rural school in Falun, Alberta. After attending ‘We Day’, we were
inspired to make the Kernel's Optimism Project our Global cause for this year and we have
fundraised $200.00. We did this through a different procedure than going through your gift
card and/or popcorn options.

We are wondering how to get this donation to you. We have been to your website, but there is
only the option of purchasing gift cards and we would like the full $200.00 to go straight to
Esinoni, Kenya :).

I guess I am asking, "Who do we make the cheque out to?" so that our donation goes to the
right place. :)”

Wow, nice eh?

Most recent Customer Rants:

Soft and Chewy Popcorn – keep those Desi Paks in your bins and back up ice bags. On those
very humid days remind your customers to keep our popcorn in a cool dry area.

Corporate Partners Perks - make sure your POS is calculating the right price for the Large for a
Medium Bag Perk!

No charge for a Polyshopper – this is a store wide policy.

Wrong flavour bagged – double check your flavours when bagging. And, always make sure your
Double Butter fans know it is a sweet candy flavour. As you know some of our customers think
it's a savory flavour.


Dani at Kernels Guildford shows kindness …

Here's a note from a customer who was impressed and touched…

“Just wanted to share with you an awesome experience I had at the Kernels location at the
Surrey Guildford Mall earlier today. We were waiting for the worker to finish bagging up our
order when she was approached by a man with a mental disability - someone she has
apparently interacted with on previous occasions as she greeted him with a smile and asked if
he was headed home now. He said no, they talked for a bit and it was revealed that he was
going to the McDonalds. It was such a great thing to see her take the time to treat him with
such kindness & respect. We've always had great customer service at this location, made me
happy to see that attitude extends to all, even if they're not lining up to get some delicious

From Marisue in Surrey BC

Bhing at Vaughan Mills keeps earning more PopStar Rewards. An email from a customer:

“Good Morning,

I had the pleasure of going to your Vaughan Mills Store yesterday and I have to tell you, the
service there was amazing! I was there around 5:00pm, and the lady there was so energetic and
friendly! She really made me want to come back again. And her up selling ability is unbelievable!
I'm just sorry I didn't get her name, because she really deserves some recognition for being an
excellent employee. Hope the store manager will know who she is by the description and the 
time. I definitely will be back to the store because of her, I just hope she is there when I
go. Thank you for the excellent service and great popcorn”. Natalie

We are very lucky to have Bhing who treats every one of her customers just like this one!

No wonder Park Place does so well with their Fundraising Program….

“Hello Molenaars,
Everything worked out perfectly for our fundraiser. We had the exact number of bags for our
order and everyone was pleased with their popcorn. Thanks for making it such an easy
fundraiser. We will be contacting you again next year so we can do it again. Thanks!
P.S. my family enjoyed our bag of creamy caramel.” Colleen

Nice touch Hank and Helene and the Park Place Team!

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