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For years, we've been proud to bring snackers across Canada a feel-good decision that has big taste. Being a whole grain product that is gluten free and contains no nuts, we give our customers the conscious choice to practice safe snacks, without having to scrimp on flavour. Since we all know that a balanced diet is a bag of popcorn in both hands, we're going to give you a glance of the goodness that goes into every bag.

Whole Grain

Whole grain, whole lot of flavour. An all-natural whole grain, every single one of our kernels are popped full of essential nutrients. Did you know that popcorn eaters get 250% more whole grains in their diet than people who don't eat popcorn?! With three cups of popcorn equaling one of your three recommended servings of whole grains, that makes popcorn one wholesome snack!

100% Sunflower Oil

Because we heart you, we proudly use 100% sunflower oil. Known for it's ability to improve heart health, sunflower oil also helps to boost energy, strengthen the immune system, improve your skin health, prevent cancer, lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.

Gluten Free

Gluten Free? So are we! Corn is the basis for any non-gluten diet, and we make sure that nothing is added to change that. While pure popcorn is naturally gluten free, we keep our seasonings gluten-free as well, making it that much easier for everyone to get their crunch on!

No Nuts

We're all about fun, and we know allergies are none. More importantly, your safety is crucial to us, and that's why all of our stores are no nut locations, which also includes the sourcing of all ingredients.

Non - GM0

Delivering full, fresh flavour, we believe in making our popcorn as GMO free as possible. We use only non-genetically modified corn and sunflower oil, which is part of what keeps them extraordinary.

Now you know that our popcorn is pop-full of non-GMO corn, gluten-free ingredients and real goodness. Which of these is most important to you? Let us know in the comments below!

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