5 Tips To Throw An Easy & Awesome Summer BBQ

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Nothing says summer quite like a backyard barbecue. Before you fire up the grill, we've got five tips to help you throw the perfect summer cookout.

Pick Easy, Classic Recipes

One of the best things about a backyard barbecue is actually enjoying yourself and spending quality time with your guests! Keep that in mind when making your menu, so that you don't go overboard preparing extravagant dishes that take up all of your time. Stick to recipes that are tried and true BBQ classics, but try adding a twist toeach. For example, who doesn't love corn on the cob? Kick it up by adding jalapeno-lime infused butter and parmesan cheese!

Pick Pitcher-Perfect Drinks

In addition to stocking your cooler full of sodas and brews, why not make a pitcher of your favourite seasonal cocktail or mocktail? A perennial summer fave, sangria is always a crowd-pleaser and easy to make in advance.

Songs Of Summer

Certain tunes just scream summer and will keep your guests in the party mood all night long. Aim for a mix of feel-good songs of upbeat classics, pop, 90's hip-hop, classic rock and soul. As long as the music makes you smile, it should do the trick! Spotify has a great selection of curated playlists, so you don't even have to make the mix!

Yard Games

Adults and kids alike will be thrilled to see that you've set up a game of bocce ball or badminton in the backyard—but not every game requires so much equipment. Something as simple as a couple of squirt guns and a Frisbee has a way of bringing out the kid in everyone!


Dessert is a very important element of every party. Easy finger food and a snack that everyone is sure to love, popcorn is a no-brainer! For large gatherings, why not try our Party Bag? Available for pre-order at all locations, they hold approximately 100 cups of your favourite flavour.

Do you have any tips for throwing the perfect summer BBQ? Share them with us inthe comments below!

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