Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

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In honour of Canada's 150th birthday, we're celebrating a few of our favourite fellow Canadian food brands! When you think of Canada (especially if you're hungry!!) you're likely to think of some of these homegrown brands:

Red Rose Tea

One of the most distinctly Canadian brands, Red Rose Tea was first created in 1894 in New Brunswick. Originally marketed as one of the top-quality orange pekoes available, it's national pride is best summed up in a classic series of TV commercials. "Only in Canada, you say?" someone from outside of the country would remark upon taking a sip. "Pity..."

Kraft Dinner

For Canadian kids, Kraft Dinner has long been a mealtime staple. A Canadian classic, the first box of KD was produced all the way back in 1937. While it is now available South of the border, Canadian's purchase 1.7 million boxes of this Mac & Cheese each year.

Tim Hortons

We'll take a box of Timbits and a Double Double any day! What brand is more quintessentially Canadian than Tim Hortons?! Hockey legend Tim Horton opened his first coffee and doughnut store in Hamilton, Ontario all the way back in 1964. Accordingto Tims, Canadians drink more coffee than Italians, Americans, the French or pretty much any other nation. In fact, we drink more than 14 billion cups of coffee each year, with Tim Hortons serving up more than 2 billion of those cups alone.


On November 2nd, 1983, we opened our first (flagship) store in Toronto Eaton Centre, and made a vow to change popcorn forever. With sensational tastes andflavours, Kernels shook up Toronto with our legendary Creamy Caramel and Double Butter, along with unexpected flavours like Amaretto and BLT on Rye. Fast forward to 2017, we now have over 80 stores, popping up 1.65 million pounds of raw popcorn each year.

What's your favourite Canadian food brand? Let us know in the comments below!

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