United Goes Viral

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Top Customer Service Faux Pas in the News

Regardless of whether or not you agree on the Airline’s over booking Policy or not, no one could watch that video of the United Airlines Passenger that was forcedly and roughly removed from the airplane, without being visibly upset. The back lash was fast and furious. A veteran CEO reported on CNN News, that United Airlines has been notorious at not putting the customer first. In today’s business world, companies must be customer centric from the top, down. United Airlines PR offered an apology with a big “BUT” in it. They just kept digging their hole bigger! Apologies should be unequivocal and contain no “buts’!

Unite Airlines just announced they will be changing their policy and providing up to a $10,000 allowance for passengers willing to give up their seats when United has overbooked. Pick me, pick-me!!!...but a little too late!!! The video clip went viral on social media and in the news, and no amount of damage control can reverse that negativity towards United.


Kernels Dufferin – Home Sweet Home Store for Vicki:

I received an email from Vicki, a customer who had an issue with product purchased at a store that she normally does not shop at, and she praised her home Kernels location…

“I would also like to tell you that the Kernels store in Dufferin Mall on Dufferin Street, is amazing. I have been buying popcorn from there for many years and the two ladies there are amazing! The manager has been there since I've been buying from there. They make the absolute best popcorn (and from a huge machine) and they both have great personalities! I love them and the popcorn! They make you feel like you want to come back.”

Thanks to the staff at Dufferin for exceeding this customer’s expectations!

A lovely note from the Gas City Roller Derby Association…

“We were fortunate enough to be able to do the Kernels Fundraiser from Lethbridge Alberta. The service was amazing. Hank & Helene Molenaar were more than willing to allow us to do the fundraiser with them. Medicine Hat is a two hour highway drive to Lethbridge as that is closest Kernels, or we would have had to drive three hours to Calgary to a Kernels. I've had many people comment on how fresh the popcorn is and tasty as well. The service that the league received was amazing”. Cody-Lynn

Hank & Helene- you continue to be tops in fundraising, and Cody-Lynn is a true testament to this!

Bramalea’s Daniel gets applauded…

Brandie Tsuji a customer at Bramalea City Centre, called us to praise our staff member Daniel for his extraordinary service:

Brandie said Daniel was absolutely phenomenal! He was extremely helpful and had great customer service skills. He provided her with information on the fundraising program and gave her options based on her time frame. Brandie ended up ordering a party bag and was very happy with her purchase.

Thanks Daniel for walking the customer through the sale, and closing the deal!

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