Paw Patrol Mini Pails

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No job is too big, no pup is too eat popcorn that is! In case you need rescuing from a serious case of the munchies, our limited edition Paw Patrol mini pails are here to save the day!

Featuring your favourite pups, our new Paw Patrol Halloween themed mini pails are available in stores now, for a limited time.  Whatever flavour you prefer, you can fill these paw-some mini pails with your choice of popcorn. With the help of Firedog Marshall, Police Pup Chase and Fearless Skye, the Paw Patrol is there to help you snack along with your favourite episode.  

Once you’ve hit the bottom of your pupcorn holder- don’t fear! You can keep re-using these pails over and over again. With our special Halloween designs, they make the perfect companion for collecting candy when trick or treating.  Or, if you have your own pet at home, why not store their toys in these durable containers?



Whether rescuing a kitten or saving you from hunger pains, the Paw Patrol is always up for the challenge!  

Available in select stores now, you can get your paws on these limited edition mini-pails starting at just $7.99!  

Which pup is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below! 

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