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I recently read about the difference between providing your customer with value added service like special promotions and VALUE UNIQUE services that really make you stand apart from your competitors. An example of a Value Unique Service I read about was a car dealer programming your favourite radio stations in your new car, something easy and not costly for the dealer to do, but greatly appreciated by the customer.

Got To Tell Your Stories…

Everyone loves a great story and sharing those stories is so easy and spontaneous with smart phones and tablets. I’ve been lucky to receive some wonderful stories and feedback over the last couple of months and want to share them with you! Enjoy your favourite Kernels flavour while you read these inspiring emails

Here are great examples of “Value Unique” services provided by our great management and staff:

Marlene at our Markville location…

“Hi Kernels,

I wanted to formally recognize an extraordinary employee at your Markville location, Marlene.

I visited Kernels on Sunday looking for ideas for guest favors for my daughter's 1st birthday. Marlene was so helpful and provided various suggestions and was so patient when I was indecisive. When I finally decided I could see how much care she took while putting together my order while being so efficient at the same time! I picked Chicago style and it was more work as she had to mix up the flavors ...I even offered for her to not have to mix up but she was so kind and said it was how it was meant to be enjoyed, the two flavors mixed!

I was so happy with the service she provided me that for my next corporate function I'll be bringing popcorn as the treats.

I hope you recognize Marlene for the great job she's doing :)”.

Lots of Value Unique Services here… Marlene’s patience, efficiencies and extra effort to blend the flavours were very much valued by this customer. Our free sampling, share bags and new wet naps are all value unique services that we should offer daily. What other value unique services do you provide?

Damsels in Distress - Franky from Kernels Conestoga – an email from Sammie…

“Hello Kernels Popcorn. You just made a customer for life. Yesterday I was shopping at my local mall in Waterloo (Conestoga Mall) and I made you my last stop before going home. I ordered two large bags of popcorn, and the gentleman that was working politely bagged them up and set them on the counter. My hands were full with shopping bags and somehow I managed to leave without taking my popcorn with me. Ha-ha. I didn't realize this until I got home. So I called the store and asked if I left my popcorn there. The gentleman replied "Yes! I tried to find you but you slipped away so fast I couldn't track you down". We laughed and I replied "What should I do? I can't come back today". And without a moment's hesitation he said "Where do you live? I will drop them off to you on my way home from work shortly". I laughed again and said "You don't even know how far away I live". He said "Do you live in the Kitchener/Waterloo area?”. I said "Yes". He said "Well then there's no problem at all". I had to pause for a minute to let that sink in. And my question to you is this: where do you find amazing employees like that? Seriously. I've never in my life had a retail experience like this. I assume he's a manager but still, I was blown away. Feel free to pass this on to him so he knows what kind of an impact he had on me. Thank you and have a great day!”

Tables Turned...Awesome Customer service!

More good news! Diana just had customer buy popcorn, leave, and then come back a few minutes later with a $5 Tim Horton's gift card. She told Diana that she has super good customer service skills and that she seems like a wonderful person. How nice is that?! Kernels customers are the best!

Here are a few more emails to be proud of. Let’s all harvest these same customer experiences.

Bramalea City Centre – email to Brian, our store Manager from Yael..

“Hi Brian,

Lorraine from Burnt Elm P.S. just called to say a special thank you for the service you and your staff provided this morning!”

Nice of her to call for no other reason than to express gratitude! Keep up the great customer service work!

Dufferin - email from Rosalie…

“I went to Kernels Friday, January 22nd, at Dufferin Mall and decided to get popcorn. I got a great service from a lady, she's very polite, always smiling and she's very friendly. Definitely going back again!!!! 10/10”.

Fairview Mall Toronto - email from Kimber…

“Hello Florence,

Thank you for contacting me. I made it up to your location and ordered for our movie night. Mabel served us and she was amazing! She was so friendly and helpful, best customer service ever!”

Promenade – Great Teamwork - email from Tara…

“Hi there, It’s not often (or ever) that I feel the need to contact customer service head office about an individual franchise location but it must be said that the promenade location staff are the most pleasant group of girls I have ever met. There is never a time I visit this location where I am not pleasantly greeted and offered tremendous service. The product and service there make me keep coming back with pleasure. Bravo Kernels for offering old school great products and service. It's truly appreciated.”

Contest Winner for One Month Good Life Membership:

Congratulations to Mai at our Kernels Richmond Centre location for submitting her entry for our Good Life Contest last month. Mai is great to always comment about the Customer Corn-er memo and loves to engage with her customers. She works hard with her team and says she reinforces awesome customer service daily. Thanks Mai for your input and support.

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