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I recently came across an interesting article on Zappos which is a service company that sells shoes and clothing.

What is interesting to me is that they have established 10 core values that ignite the passion that drives their business.

I would like to chat specifically about two of their values which are my favorites and are similar to our own values here at Kernels. They are both key elements of great customer service:

  • Deliver WOW through service
  • Be Humble

Delivering WOW through service essentially means that we must go beyond what’s expected of us. Everything we do in our jobs must ultimately have a positive impact on the customer. At Zappos they believe that “delivering WOW, results in word of mouth”. And positive word of mouth results in business growth and opportunity. At Zappos they ask two very key questions of their staff:

  1. What are the things you can improve upon in your work attitude to WOW customers?, and
  2. Have you WOW’ed at least one customer today?

Another great value at Zappos is being humble. It is an overarching principle at Zappos and one that I believe in too. Being humble, along with delivering WOW results, helps to build and maintain a positive culture.

Being humble also means being compassionate and respectful. Compassion and respect for others includes our own customers, co-workers, management and staff, as well as our partners and vendors. But compassion and respect also extends to the community at large and it should govern how we treat others and how we also want to be treated ourselves.

This core value brings me to a very important cause that we support at Kernels which is the “Autism Speaks Canada” Campaign.

There are a number of exciting initiatives that are helping to create awareness around Autism, which Kernels is participating in, and I would encourage you to get involved. Elena and I have set up a Kernels team called the Kernels Pop-walkers, for the Toronto walk. Anyone interested in being a part of this walk should join our team. If you are unable to walk, please consider pledging one of your Kernel’s co-workers. The Toronto Walk is being held on Sunday June 5, 2016 at Nathan Phillips Square. Registration opens at 8:30am, Opening Ceremonies commence at 10:30am, and the Walk begins at 10:45am.

Here are some WOW’s…

Kernels Carrefour Laval:

"My sister and I stopped by your Kernels location at Carrefour Laval today, March 28, 2016 at 12:15 p.m. where we were served exceptionally well! The gentleman that served us was very kind and friendly, he invited us to try a few samples and informed us of your daily specials. He even took the time to tell us about the special products you sell to schools, for weddings and other events. Thanks to him we also learned that your products are gluten free, allergen free and peanut free. We hope that this remarkable employee receives the gratitude he deserves. Kernels is very lucky to have an employee like him. I give him a 100/100!

Unfortunately I did not get the gentleman's name, however below is the number on my receipt. C84099718-001-002-116-0

Thank you and have a wonderful day,

Amélie Martin"

So I asked Kevin who was this WOW employee…

Kevin responded… “I will look into it but it is most likely my father. We're never going to hear the end of this one! Haha. I will respond to Amelie.”

Kevin confirmed…It was my Dad Maxime. “I should've taken a picture of his face when I showed him your email hah”.

Kevin Ng

Here is another WOW instance from Kernels Dufferin

“Good morning, I just wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to one of your great customer service representatives. Fatima at your Dufferin Mall location is always pleasant when she is serving her customers. Her personality is exuberant and she is a great ambassador for your business.

I didn't want to miss another occasion to let you know what a great job she does every time I buy your product at that location.

All the best,

Vanda Mackenzi”

And another WOW from Kernels Eaton Centre South…

“I wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful experience yesterday at Kernels at the Eaton Centre location with Jeff Degan. A colleague and I went there to get some popcorn for the office to celebrate International Women's Day and he was just a pleasure to deal with. Just thought I would pass along the great experience.

Susanna Tyson”
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Kernels Georgian Mall WOW…

“My name is Melinda. I live in Barrie. I've been a repeat customer for almost 3 years. Specifically, I thought you should know that the staff here in Barrie are excellent, bar none. Keeping up with the demand of orders, it is not easy to keep a cheery smile and a good demeanour. I can tell that with me, they have been consistently cordial and very pleasant to me all this time. They make me feel like a valued customer.

I thought you should be aware of the good work they do.

Thank you for your service.



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