Planning The Perfect Popcorn Bar

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If you're getting married, celebrating a birthday, or throwing a baby shower, coming up with fun and interactive décor ideas is typically high on your priority list. So if you're in search of a fool-proof way to impress your guests, try having a popcorn bar at your next event! Not only will this add a unique and tasty touch, but it also lets your family and friends get creative, sampling and combining flavours to suit their palette. And don't forget our Shakers, which add the perfect toppings guests can sprinkle on top, offering a finishing touch that’s as much fun as it is tasty.

Interested in creating your next popcorn bar? Here are a few simple tips on how to do this at home!

Offer Different Flavours Of Popcorn

Be sure to have a few different flavours of popcorn for your guests to experiment with. Mix it up with a blend of sweet, savoury and spicy options.

Label Each Flavour

Make sure your guests know what flavours they’re trying by labeling each container. From mini-chalkboard signs to printed labels, head to your local craft store and find DIY ideas that will fit within any décor theme.

Provide Containers To Fill

From striped boxes to popcorn bags, there are tons of creative containers available at party stores or online.

Have Toppings

Spoil your guests with fun toppings. For your sweet popcorn fans, serve up a variety of candies and dried fruits for them to add into the mix. For the savoury lovers, add a choice of nuts and pretzels. Don’t forget that we have our flavour shakers on hand to sprinkle on top!

Stock Up

Don’t forget to grab extra popcorn! We have a feeling a few people will be going back for seconds...

Will you be having a popcorn bar at your next party? If so, don’t forget to show us your pics! Share them with us on Instagram @kernelspopcorn.

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