The History Of Popcorn

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Long before movie nights and microwaves, legend has it that there was once a summer so scorching hot that it caused the corn in the field to start popping right off the stalks. While this story might not have a kernel of truth to it, we’re far from the world’s first fans of popcorn. As one of the world’s oldest snack food, popcorn has a deep history, proving that there’s more beneath the husk than meets the eye.

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Dressing Up Your Popcorn: Toppings For All Tastes

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Crunchy and buttery, popcorn is the ultimate snack food. A popular party appetizer, late-night snack, and the ultimate movie night companion. Popcorn is always a good idea. And while we’d never mess with a classic, sometimes we all need to shake things up a bit, which is why we created some of the tastiest toppings for every craving. Whether you like your popcorn sweet or savoury, the Kernels crew are sharing a few of our favourite flavour combos below!

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Deliver the WOW!

I recently came across an interesting article on Zappos which is a service company that sells shoes and clothing.

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Planning The Perfect Popcorn Bar

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If you're getting married, celebrating a birthday, or throwing a baby shower, coming up with fun and interactive décor ideas is typically high on your priority list. So if you're in search of a fool-proof way to impress your guests, try having a popcorn bar at your next event! Not only will this add a unique and tasty touch, but it also lets your family and friends get creative, sampling and combining flavours to suit their palette.

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