Deliver the WOW!

I recently came across an interesting article on Zappos which is a service company that sells shoes and clothing.

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Planning The Perfect Popcorn Bar

plann 1.jpg

If you're getting married, celebrating a birthday, or throwing a baby shower, coming up with fun and interactive décor ideas is typically high on your priority list. So if you're in search of a fool-proof way to impress your guests, try having a popcorn bar at your next event! Not only will this add a unique and tasty touch, but it also lets your family and friends get creative, sampling and combining flavours to suit their palette.

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Hop Into Easter With Kernels


The days are getting longer, the snow is melting, and the flowers are blooming. There’s no denying it now, Spring is in the air...which means that Easter is almost here!

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Value Unique Services

I recently read about the difference between providing your customer with value added service like special promotions and VALUE UNIQUE services that really make you stand apart from your competitors. An example of a Value Unique Service I read about was a car dealer programming your favourite radio stations in your new car, something easy and not costly for the dealer to do, but greatly appreciated by the customer. Got To Tell Your Stories… Everyone loves a great story and sharing those stories is so easy and spontaneous with smart phones and tablets. I’ve been lucky to receive some wonderful stories and…

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